Travel scenes in Changhua Southeast


Yixin Garden

Pictures Introduction Built in the 1989, Yixin Garden is located beside the parking lot of Tianwei Road Garden. There is a special colorful music fountain in the garden, while people can watch enjoy beautiful water light performances at night, children can play in water at the area in summer. The garden is full of shade, […]

Green Life Garden

Pictures Introduction In style of Japanese and groceries, the garden creates a unique space with container houses and old wood. The garden has a variety of Ornamental plants, succulents, rustic groceries, and also offers courses of potted DIY and handmade plants theme exhibitions. The vintage wall surface of the second-hand window collage and the succulent […]

Babao Canal Corridor

Pictures Introduction Along the coast of Babao Canal, the landscape of field is beautiful and has always been a good place for sports and walking. After the town office improved the corridor landscape by planting trees on both sides, the problems of people and cars in the past have been improved. Not only to create […]

One-dollar Wooden Toy Brick

Pictures Introduction It is run by wooden furniture manufacturer Xiao Taizhao. The origin is that there is filled with cheap and unsafe plastic toys in the market. Thus, the couple decided to set a line for toy brick production, hoping more children can play with safe toys and inspire their creation. The reputation has grown […]

Liang Papa’s Mango Orchard

Pictures Introduction The Orchard plants mangoes that can harvest in all seasons. The original intention of the Liang couple is that is merit of what we do to benefit others. By the main idea of retaining natural flavor of food, they insist stay the fruits on trees before they turn in yellow and are fully […]

Duoba Rice House

Pictures Introduction The Rice House is from the original intention of a father’s love to children. The name “Rice House” refers Tianzhong which is an important rice harvest area of Taiwan, and Duoba Rice House takes the whole Tianzhong as a learning object. At the beginning, Duoba discovers beautiful landscape and experiences the unique culture […]

Zhuo Nai Tan Farm

Pictures Introduction Run by young farmer Youyu Xu, the farm is full of vitality and family laughter, produces fire dragon Fruit, lemon, honey, guava, eggs, chicken, duck and goose. The farm focuses on the concept of symbiosis, uses the balance of ecology without any chemicals at all. As the system runs, environment approaches the concept […]

Yi-pin-ming Pancake

Pictures Introduction The founder Mr. Tseng started from a juvenile apprenticeship. From small food factories to export sales, the factory has been more than 30 years, and a number of pancakes have dozens of flavors. Various local cultural templates, such as: Yuanbao pancakes that symbolize wealth, square peanut pancakes with strong hometown flavor, three-dimensional shaped […]

Modern Garden Jabuticaba Co., Ltd.

Pictures Introduction Jaboticaba is also known as Myrciaria cauliflora or Brazilian Grape Tree, it was originally cultivated in South America and was imported to Taiwan by Modern Garden Jabuticaba Co., Ltd. several years ago. In Taiwan, this is the only place where you can see Jaboticaba. The fruits of Jaboticaba bear a resemblance to grapes […]

Jin-Fa Foods

Pictures Introduction Began at the rural courtyard house in 1976, they have made the dessert with ancient method and insist handmade daily for years. With simple materials of fresh eggs and flour, experienced masters knead dough and twist it in braid shape. After fried, masters top the boiled maltose to make it looks gold and […]

Heguo Orchard

Pictures Introduction There is a story before this orchard. As the career began to stabilize, the owner Aguo was seriously ill. During the treatment, a friend gave him cherry tomatoes from natural agriculture which moved the couple deeply. They have never known that cherry tomatoes from land-friendly could be such delicious and made up their […]

Mr. Lin Temple

Introduction It has a history of more than two hundred years ago when the major canals in Babao Canal project was built. As the mainstream of Jhuoshuei River was rapid and strong, it washed out many brooks. With unstable flow, the riverbed was shallow and people could not fetch water from it directly. It was […]

Babao Canal Park

Introduction Babao Canal is an ancient water conservancy facility with an irrigation area of ​​19,491 hectares which contain 14 township of Changhua, and accounting for more than half of the farmland water in the county. Opposite to the water gate, there is a Babao Canal Park. In addition to the recreational facilities in the park, […]

Er Ba Shui Water Park in Ershui

Pictures Introduction Er Ba Shui Water Park was completed and opened on February 28, 2018. With the construction project of the landscape around Ershui Rail Station, it will re-position the roles and functions of Guanghua Community Activities Center Square, Parent-Child Park, a steam train display ground, and other sites. The park covers an area of […]

Rihua Apiculture

Pictures Introduction Founded in 1925, the apiculture has inherited three generations. The founder named Lee Xinchuan, who was originally worried about the nutrition of child, explored the apiculture after the busy farming. The longan trees at the foot of Baguanshan created a perfect base for bees to brewing honey, and Mr. Lee get the hang […]

Motex Mask Creative House

Pictures Introduction Located in Tianzhong Township Changhua County, Motex Mask Creative House is the first mask tourism factory. Its four core values are “creativity, invention, quality, and education.” The diamond-patterned exterior often attracts curious travelers. Walk into the building and discover several themed areas that demonstrate mask production, provide information on air pollution, and teach […]

Chenggong Hostel

Pictures Introduction The tow-stories Japanese style building on the corner of Zhongshan Road and Fuxing Road was erected in 1921. It started out as a hospital, and then was home to two different hostels before being turned into a bookstore specializing in agriculture. The building’s journey throughout the years is easily seen from the outside. […]

Tianzhong Forest Par (Chishuiqi Park)

Pictures Introduction Dense with trees, Tienchung Forest Park follows the meandering mountain ridge, whose elevation varies significantly, providing incredible views of the Changhua Plain and the Taiwan Strait. Along the path, travelers can observe valleys, mountain peaks, maple trees, acacia trees, and a rich ecology of butterflies and birds. They can also visit the serene […]

King of Socks Tourist Factory

Fictures Introduction King of Sock Tourist Factory was established in 1983 and changed into a tourism factory in 2011. It became the lighthouse for the textile industry in Changhua to enter into the service industry by injecting innovative elements to broaden the scope of business. Cute sock puppets and red robots greet the visitors as […]

Tianwei Road Garden

Pictures Introduction Tianwei Township in Changhua County is known for its highway garden, where flowers bloom throughout the year. Fall and winter are the most colorful seasons, with scores of chrysanthemum species such as marigold and garden cosmos fighting for attention alongside other exotic flowers and plants. Visitors can also stay until the evening to […]

Lung Sheng Museum of Petrified Wood Fossils

Pictures Introduction With an inventory of 60,000 to 70,000 items, Lung Sheng Gardening in Tianwei Township claims it has the most comprehensive collection if gardening goods. The store is a treasure trove for gardening enthusiasts, who never go home empty-handed after visiting. The Petrified Wood Fossil museum also has more than 3000 precious wood fossils […]

Xizhou Park

Pictures Introduction Located on Zhongyang Road in Xizhou Township, the Xizhou Park has been constructed with flower and tree species local to Changhua County. You can experience a different persona with each new season, as trees and flowers change their colors. On the huge expanse of green grass, jacaranda trees, pink poui, and layers of […]

Wanching Garden

Pictures Introduction If you’re looking for exotic flowers and stones, antiques, or rare sculptures, look no further than Wanching Garden! The garden is full of unusual flowers and trees, such as bahia rosewood, red sandalwood, black ebony, arius trees, and even orange Jessamine. The Chinese palace-style architecture is elegant and zen-like. With majestic waterfalls and […]

EVINS’s Color Fun Gallery

Pictures Introduction Located in Beidou Township, Evins’s Color Fun Gallery was founded by Evin’s Inc.,a stationery glue and painting supply producer. It is the only coloring gallery in Taiwan where everything is geared towards parents and children participating together. The colorful wall grabs visitors’ attention and leads them into the magical world of colors. Visitors […]

Beidou Old Street

Pictures Introduction Beidou was know as”Beodou”and residents congregated near Dianan Temple. In the Qing Dynasty, Beidou was the 3rd largest city after Changhua County Municipal City and Lukang and established the first night market in Taiwan. Dianan Temple is one of the three largest Mazu Temples in Changhua, along with Nanyao Temple and Lukang Tianhou […]

Red Brick Market

Pictures Introduction Located on Yuanshi Street, Beidou Red Brick Market was built in 1933 and cost NT$30,000 to construct. Its classic Western architecture was rare for a traditional market at the time, and it helped Beidou flourish . Visitors cannot resist stopping to admire the elegance of the red bricks from Qingshui and the granolithic […]

Qilinshan Trail

Pictures Introduction Located southwest of Baguashan, the entrance to this”six-star”hiking trail is next to Changqing Bicycle Trail, and can be accessed from paths near Zantian and Puxing Temples. The trail is flanked with towering Phoebe Zhennan trees, and the terrain varies greatly. There are also many creatures along the way, such as squirrels and pheasants, […]

Tianzhong Kiln Ceramic Workshop

Pictures Introduction Travelers will instantly notice the ceramic cats upon entering Tanzhong Township. The vivid statues are everywhere –some are even on top of fences, waiting to be discovered. Visitors frequently photograph the cats. Follow the trail, and you can see the Tianzhong Workshop. The work of Yeh Chih-Cheng, the owner, mainly consists of pots […]

Beidou Dianan Temple

Pictures Introduction Beidou Dianan Temple was built during Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty (AD 1807). It was formerly known as the Dongluo Mazu form Xizhou. The temple is religion center in Beidou and the main shrine is Mazu. The statue of Mazu is called “soft body” because the four limbs are moveable. There are many […]

Beidou Riverside Park

Pictures Introduction The park is located at the junction of Beidou Town and Xizhou Township. Previously, it was the old Jhuoshuei River and the major ferry pier between Beidou and Lukang. As time passed, the old river was buried by grass and shrubs as well as factory discharge and heaps of garbage, and thus turned […]

ARK Tomato

Pictures Introduction ARK Tomato was born in the Spring of 2014, and the idea was come from several young people that are engaged in agriculture and gardening. They introduced the first technology greenhouse from Netherland, which had 7,040 square meters and non-toxic environment inside, and it looks like a solid Ark. In this environment, they […]

Stone Fish Garden caf’e

Pictures Introduction Near the Tianzhong granary there is a garden caf’e, which is a remodeling of a seventy-year-old house next to the railroad. This railroad is connected to Tianzhong train station, and was used for transportation in earlier years. Later, the Caf’e owner, who works in the design industry, was inspired to build this Stone […]

Shipyard Restaurant

Pictures Introduction At the end of a path vibrant with foliage is a restaurant that looks like a sailing ship, with a white boat anchored in the pond in front of the building. This maritime themed building is the Shipyard Restaurant. The Shipyard Restaurant mainly offers steaks, light meals, and desserts, Their 12 oz T-bone […]

Quande Rose Garden

Pictures Introduction Isn’t it wonderful to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a romantic afternoon? When travelers come to Quande Rose Garden, they are welcomed by the roses in the garden. The roses here are not just for admiring, though, because the restaurant also uses the flowers as ingredients to prepare many delicious dishes, […]

Green Sea Coffee Shop

Pictures Introduction There is a surprising white castle which hides among the flowers in Tianwei. When travelers come to the Green Sea Coffee Shop and see the fantastic white Mediterranean building, they may feel as though they are on an island vacation. The owner, a landscape architect, has created surprises everywhere inside the building—there are […]

Hexing Temple

Pictures Introduction The Hexing Temple was built during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty, and has experienced many times of reconstruction. The Temple still retains the ancient artifacts from the Qing Dynasty (AD1743). The Temple has an unexploded bomb, which is the great treasure of Hexing Temple. There is a local legend […]

Taiwan Rice Castle

Pictures Introduction Known for its European architectural style, Taiwan Rice Castle is located at the origin of Zhongxing brand rice in Pitou Township, Changhua County. Established by Union Rice, Rice Castle has elegant exterior and design with white as the foundational color. Inside the castle are several exhibition areas introducing how unhusked rice becomes the […]